2 Donation Programs

The Mental Health Therapy Scholarship Fund

This fund was created to give those in need of any type of mental therapy, a chance. Mental Health is not a choice, but with the ability to find support, guidance and help, we can help others achieve mental success, which is our goal. Through the Mental Health Therapy Fund, which is overseen and managed by our nationwide therapy partner, Chrysalis Health, give us the reach to help others in need. With over 25+ years of mental health therapy at all levels, Chrysalis Health gives us the best chance along with their partners to provide nationwide service at all levels.

The funds will be used to match a therapist compensation for a patient who cannot afford the entire therapy session(s).

Donations to any mental health therapy or other causes will be discussed and voted on by advisory board.

Partner Program (Donate 20 plus 5)

We are looking to spread awareness thru:
  • Non Profits
  • For Profits
  • Influencers
  • Artist
  • Anyone who has an audience
  1. You register your company or yourself on our Partner Page.
  2. Get started by logging in and going to the creatives tab on your partner login page.
  3. Download and start to post the Win The Day badges with your partner link on it so we can spread the work on mental awareness. By doing so, you will receive a donation of $20 per person that signs up for med management support thru Science.Co, a Win The Day Today partner. Thru an easy 1 minute assessment, you can qualify for a doctor consultation and get a discounted price on a consultation and get you started on a therapy program for mental health or weight loss.
  4. Donations are paid on the 1st and 16th of each month.
  5. Start today and show the world how you can spread the word, help yourself and help others!

Donate Now

Mental Health Therapy Scholarship Fund

All Win The Day Today donations are allocated directly to our Mental Health Therapy Scholarship Fund, which is managed and operated by Chrysalis Health.


15th Annual Columbus Food & Wine Festival

Festival is taking place on Saturday, November 6, 2021: 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM at the Christopher Columbus High School’s Cafetorium.
Venmo Collected ($1,340.20) thru October 27,2021 All new collections will be collected here.
( 8 Tickets or 4 Couples Raffled November 3, 2021 7pm EST)